Commissioned Work

The terms and conditions which will apply to any work you commission from the artist James Lansdell through the use of this website or any other written communications will depend upon a number of factors, including but not limited to the type of work commissioned. The artist will require you and any third party involved in the collaboration to sign a short contract setting out the terms and conditions agreed to in your particular case.


In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, however, the following terms and conditions will apply:



Copyright in the commissioned work will remain with the artist. The Artist James Lansdell will be entitled to copy or reproduce the commissioned work in whatever manner he wishes for the purposes of publicity and promotion.



The price payable for the commissioned work will be subject to any applicable sales tax and will be payable in installments using the following scale:

1)      1/3 of the total price is due at the time the contract is signed by both parties.

2)      2/3 of the total price is due upon delivery of the finished work.

Payments can be made through using a credit card or with a Paypal account. Checks are also accepted, but must clear before the finished work will be released. Furthermore, the artist will be entitled to charge interest at a reasonable rate on overdue payments.



The artist James Lansdell encourages you to be a part of the creation you have requested. Two appointments will be scheduled with you during the creative process to make minor adjustments if needed.  You are encouraged to bring items such as photographs if applicable to help communicate your desires.

Although, minor changes are not only expected but encouraged, major changes will need to be agreed upon in writing and the final price may increase substantially.



If you or any third party cancels the commissioned work before it is completed, you will be required to pay such sum (taking into account payments already made) as will reward the artist for the work completed to the date of cancellation and all expenses incurred by the artist in connection with the commissioned work. The unfinished work will belong to the artist.



Any unresolved disputes arising in connection with the commissioned work that end in litigation will be governed by the signed contract and interpreted under the laws of the State of California. Furthermore, any litigation under this agreement shall be resolved in the trial courts of Orange County, State of California.