Meet The Artist

I was raised in Laguna Beach my parents moved to Laguna in 1935.

Art has always been a passion of mine the outstanding educators set me on my path. I received my bachelor's degree from CSUF where I also did my graduate work. I then taught art and stage art for seven years at the high school level in the state of California.

I help my students grow in their techniques of beginning as well as advanced drawing and painting, environmental design, graphic design, sculpture, jewelry and stage arts.


My life as an artist developed again when I changed from an art teacher to a graphic/commercial artist, and then to production manager for 12 years. I was the illustrator/designer, copy fitter, color separator for the firm. Later, I collaborated with my team to design, duplicate or create a wide variety of graphics from billboards to work the size of a postage stamp.


Personally, I raised my two daughters who both attended Laguna Beach high school and then went on to graduate from college. One is creative with visual skills and one is gifted in teaching and writing. We live in Laguna happily, close to the sea in a beautiful community. I am very blessed.


I started renewing a relationship with painting. As a graphic artist I stopped painting, but I returned to my roots using check needs and concepts acquired at the University, classroom and graphic production to create my style on canvas.


I am emotionally drawn to nature and natural surfaces like granite, sandstone cliffs, vegetative forms, the surface of the ocean. I paint with color and use organic compounds to create an atmosphere with texture and a hue To enhance the mood.